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What To Do If Your Car Lock Cylinder Won't Turn

Car door lock cylinders are cylindrical tumblers used for locking and unlocking the vehicle. They are usually installed in the front door of the car and matched with the key that locks and unlocks the vehicle. Most of the newer cars don’t have cylindrical lock cylinders but are still common with many models of the road going vehicles. Usually, these locks at some point will stop working, and the key would not lock or unlock your car. This will happen when the dirt accumulates inside the lock or during extreme weather conditions. When your car door lock cylinder is not turning, you should diagnose the problem and fix it yourself. However, this is a daunting task if you don’t have knowledge about motor vehicle repair. Here is how to fix the car door lock cylinder that won’t turn.

Car Door Lock Cylinder Won't Turn? Lubricate The Lock

If your car door lock is stuck, the first thing you should do is to add lubricants to it. In fact, this is the simplest way of repairing the car door lock tumblers. You lubricate the lock using graphite powder or aerosol. If the lock is still stuck, slowly twist the key and add some more lubricants. It is important to wait for some minutes after lubrication to allow the lubricants penetrate into crevices. This is the best method for fixing car locks that are frozen, and the key would not turn.

Check The Key

In most cases, the car door lock problems are caused by the key that is worn out or broken. In this case, you should check the key it has extremely worn out sections. If your key is worn out, you will need to buy a new key from a reputable locksmith in your area. One you have realized it the key that has problems, you should never use it again. Usually, it is important to have a spare key that will help you during emergencies. Once you have got a duplicate key, keep it in a safe place and use it when the need arises.

Remove The Door Panel To Inspect The Lock Cylinder

If the above methods don't fix the car lock issue, you should look further into the inside of the door to establish the cause of the problem. Carefully remove the door panel by releasing all mounting screws and clips. You can then use the flashlight to check the lock cylinder. Find out if the rods attached to the cylinder are properly aligned and secured in place. You can then check the lock assembly to see if there are any broken parts.

Call A Locksmith

If you had done all the above and your car door lock cylinder won't turn, you should seek the assistance of the locksmith. A professional locksmith has specialized equipment to repair your car door lock. Moreover, a reputable locksmith can replace your door lock cylinder with genuine spare parts. However, you should only hire locksmiths who are certified as rogue locksmiths may ruin your car hence becoming expensive in the long run. Car door lock cylinders are essential components of your vehicles and should regularly be inspected for any problems.


The Benefits Of Using Turmeric Curcumin

Most of the times when people want to lead a healthier life they'll start going to the gym and eating a healthier diet, but the bad news is that not everyone has the time and can afford to make such a drastic change. If you're one of those people and you work a 9 to 5 job and get home completely exhausted and in a lot of pain, then you may want to consider taking turmeric curcumin on a daily basis. About it and its benefits we're going to focus on below.

Take It In Supplement Form

If you want to have more energy, but also prevent and treat any type of pain, then you should start taking turmeric curcumin in capsule form. These supplements are not only clinically proven to be effective, but they are also made in the United States and contain a very powerful natural antioxidants. New formulas also feature the ingredient bioperine which improves the overall effectiveness of the supplements, including absorption rate. Since they contain no fillers, chemicals or binders, they're definitely one of the easiest and simplest ways of improving your health fast and without going to the gym.

Prevent Liver Cancer

Did you know that by taking turmeric curcumin supplements you'll be able to protect yourself against liver cancer? In a study performed by a group of scientists, it was discovered that after exposing liver cells to iron and curcumin in a Petri dish, the curcumin will slowly start to change the iron. The reason why this happens has not yet been understood by scientists, but it does show that it is very effective at preventing the appearance of the deadly disease.

Prevents Neck And Head Cancer

After a curcumin pre-treatment, scientists introduced a certain amount of nicotine not only to the neck, but also to the head squamous cell carcinoma. If you don't know what this is, it refers to a type of bump (cancerous) that has red flat patches which are very rough in nature. In the study, it was discovered that curcumin was extremely effective at making sure that the nicotine doesn't activate the cells in the body that can cause cancer.

Use It To Treat Various Types Of Pains

Turmeric curcumin can also be used in order to treat a wide range of pains, including neck pains, back pains, joint pains, pains in the elbows and many more. However, it needs to be used in natural form and then turned into a paste which is applied on the affected areas.